Jeremy Auw

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Singapore, Jeremy began his musical journey from an early age. When he was 5, he enrolled in Yamaha Music School and studied under Chief Instructor Yeo Kian Boon for ten long years, learning both technical and creative aspects of the musical syllabus. Picking up improvisational and compositional skills along the way, he explored many outlets for his personal development. He played for school chapel and various functions to further hone his abilities.

When Jeremy moved to Tokyo in 2004, he began to serve at Tokyo Baptist Church, where he met the brothers David and Jonny. Soon after discovering their chemistry together as a band, they roped in Jeremy's brother, Matthew, to form Cokespill. Ever since then, his musical experience has been enriched greatly.

Jeremy is currently serving out his National Service in Singapore for a lengthy, torpid duration of two years, after which he will head to Amherst College to study biochemistry.